It’s time for “A Night at the Musical”!

stagefright-a-night-at-the-musical3Welcome to the Stagefright Productions page! On this page, you can get up-to-date information about our upcoming shows, ticket availability, cast and crew member details, and even find out how you can be part of all the excitement!

But first things first. The latest musical extravaganza to hit the Chennai stage from Stagefright is right around the corner. Block Friday, February 27, Saturday, February 28 and Sunday, March 1 on your calendars because those are the days that we’ll be presenting “A Night at the Musical”, a 2-hour long show that will showcase the best of Broadway and film musicals. There are 7:30 pm shows on all three days, and a 3 pm show on Sunday as well.

But this show isn’t just about famous songs from musicals; we’re taking a scene form each one and leading it into a song, so you get a bit of drama, a bit of singing, and a bit of dancing, all rolled into one sequence.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with us, Stagefright Productions is among the few theatre groups that has successfully staged musicals in Chennai. Starting with ‘Grease’ in 2004, Stagefright has since staged over 15 different stage shows, and at least half a dozen of those have been musicals.

“A Night at the Musical” is a step forward on popularizing musical theatre in a city that clearly has a predilection for both music and drama.

For now, contact us directly here if you’re interested in tickets, and we’ll give you regular updates as and when we deliver the tickets to our distributors – namely, Landmark and Odyssey. You’ll be able to drop in at any branch of either store, and get your donor passes there. Denominations are Rs. 100, 200 and 350.

If you need more information, contact Neesha at 98409.07755. Till next time!

Fred (Creative Director, Stagefright Productions)


  1. Need three Rs. 350 tickets for March 28 Saturday 7:30 pm show. My mobile : 9381003412.

    • As requested, three Rs. 350 tickets for March 28 Saturday 7:30 pm show have been blocked in the name of Pal.

  2. Need three Rs.350 tickets to the Sunday, March 1st 3:00Pm show.
    Are there any available for us?

    • Tickets are available for the 3 pm show in the denomination you have requested. Please come to the venue by 2:30 and you can pick them up directly from the ticket counter.

  3. ARe there tickets available for Sun night, 1 Mar 7pm? I need to reserve 2 tickets, please.

  4. The Show was simply amazing….. just relieved those early days of watching those movies on VHS….. thanks my friend it was just simply awesome.

    I would like to be on ur mailing and list and if so part of your crew for ur next up coming projects..


    • Thank you so much for the kind words. We propose to come out with A Night at the Musical II or else another musical, but either way, you’ll definitely know about it!

      We are always looking to work with new people so if you ARE interested in working backstage or on production, we’l be happy to have you on board!!!

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