A Night at the Musical at 10 Downing Street!

The Stagefright team ended up at 10 Downing Street on Friday, February 13, and they hit the floor to perform a teaser from the show, A Night at the Musical. Scroll down to see some pix from the event!

Greased Lightning, Go Greased Lightning  !Denver Anthony Nicholas, ChoreographerA scene from Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor DreamcoatThank you... thank you very much...!10 Downing Street gets a taste of Stagefright!The entire team!Denver Anthony Nicholas, the choreographer, Neesha John-Koikaran, the producer and Freddy Koikaran, the director of the show

The team will be continuing their roadshow over the coming weekend, with promos planned at Sparky’s Diner in Egmore and a few other locations across the city. Stay tuned so that you can drop in and find out what everyone’s already raving about!!

Fred (Creative Director, Stagefright Productions)


  1. whoa.. this is new.. sounds like a lotta fun..


    • Thanks Karan! Spread the word please!!!!

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