It’s a Valentine’s Day Special from Stagefright!

Unfortunately, due to clashing schedules and lack of preparation time, the IIT gig will not work out right now, but we have some other good news! Stagefright will be performing a Valentine’s Day supper theatre show at Sparky’s Diner in Egmore. You can look forward to a few short romantic comedies, followed by a lovely dinner at Sparky’s! And no, it’s not only for couples, but for anyone who’d like to spend an evening being entertained. The show will likely be on Sunday, February 14, 2010, and you can see some of Chennai’s best and brightest on stage.

And to all those who feel that supper theatre events are expensive (they’re usually in the Rs. 500 – 750 range), think about this: if you go for a play you end up spending between Rs. 100 & 200, and afterwards, you end up going out for dinner anyway!! So with a supper theatre event, you kinda get two for the price of one!

More details will follow. Including news about our next few shows – for those of you interested in music, this is also the site where you can get information about Fish Food, the acoustic band that comprises Freddy Koikaran, Alok Jesudasen, Jitesh Dharmaraj, Ritesh Dharmaraj (yes, they’re brothers) and Saroop Oommen (on and off). We’re looking at a few gigs in the coming months, so if you like acoustic rock, then Fish Food is your band!!

Till next time,


Fred (Creative Director)


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