Even MORE progress…!

Phew! This auditioning stuff is tiring!!!

About a dozen people hadn’t made it for the previous workshop, so we organized a second one for them – so that everyone gets a fair shot at being in the show – and that was another bunch of fun that we had two days ago on Sunday.

And in between, we managed to meet with another 15 or so MCCians who were interested, so all told, we have met approximately 90 people as part of these auditions! (NOW do you know why I’m exhausted???)

On another note, it’s actually pretty mind-blowing how much talent exists in our city, but the unfortunate part is that it seems as if not many of our venerable theatre groups are keen to work with newcomers. Maybe they don’t want to take the effort to train people. Maybe they don’t know HOW to. Maybe they don’t think it’s worthwhile. Maybe they want to maintain the limelight for themselves. Who knows. After all, no one’s talking.

Many groups seem to stick to their little cliques and the result of this is that you see that same actors, over and over, on stage all the time. Now mind you, this would be bearable if actors had the ability to completely transform themselves every time they essayed a new character, but honestly, that’s a skill that even seasoned veterans find difficult to achieve.

Which is why I’m puzzled about the frequency with which groups put up shows. Some groups stage shows every quarter, making me wonder how much they could possibly have rehearsed. (We all know how time-consuming the allied activities for a production can be…) But I guess the answer lies in the fact that the audiences are still coming in – regardless of how shoddy a production ends up being. So as far as THESE groups are concerned, why should they care, right? After all, they’re getting their chance to be in the limelight, which IS their primary objective…. Sigh….

(Yes Tina, I AM a tad troubled today….) 🙂

Ah, but fear not. Amidst all this wailing and gnashing of teeth, I remain committed to my cause. (My halo is brightening again..) Stagefright has always been happy to work with newcomers, and my greatest thrill is to work with people who show potential and display the right attitude (for those of you wondering what the ‘right’ attitude is, it means a positive attitude).

Having said that, we have decided to make this whole thing a bit more permanent and are now looking for kindred souls who want to work on a permanent basis with us. Permanent, of course, can be defined anyway we mutually agree upon. It could be permanently part-time, or permanently full-time or officially unofficial or unofficially official, blah, blah, blah. Bottom line: if you or anyone you know would like to work on creating magic on stage with us, please do let us know.

I’m off to cast my play!! See you in a bit!!


Creative Director and Teeth-Gnasher


  1. That sounds good really. Time and again we DO see the same actors on stage, portraying similar roles. Even if the show is by different groups, they still somehow manage to round up the same actors. Considering Chennai is full of talent, we’d like to see different talent on stage, especially some new ones. Great going!

    • Muchos gracias, Ajaye! Unfortunately, you end up seeing the same actors working with different groups (I’m a case in point there) simply because there aren’t enough trained actors in the city. And my point is, if the established actors would take the time and effort to train more people, all of us would have a larger pool to choose from!

  2. =)
    I absolutely lovee this! And i agree with Ajaye above!
    but wouldn’t getting permanent additions to ur team only work against unearthing new talent?

    • Ah, perhaps that’s my fault for not being clear. Permanent additions need not be the only people who are onstage or working behind the scenes. If I have a group of 6 actors and 2 of them are experienced while the other 4 are fresh, the 2 people, along with my guidance, would provide the direction that the other 4 need. It’s kinda like a buddy system. But for it to work, everyone – experienced or not – has to be openminded enough to understand that it’s a team effort that makes a show work, and not about one or two superstars.

      • Oo sounds good!
        waiting to hear the names of the people of this team then! =)

  3. so what’s happening already?!!! :))

    • oh thank god i’m not the only impatient one around! =)

      • Okay okay!! Good grief! The pressure is killing me!!! I will be back with an update soonly!!!

      • lol…so sorry Freddy.
        But now that u’ve given us a taste of what to expect, we want more! 🙂
        Guess the turn out for the production will make up for this! 🙂
        no pressure, ofcourse :p

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