A bunch of thoughts….

Like I mentioned in my last rambling post, things have been pretty crazy, and I finally got time to sit down and pound the keys with my random-est of thoughts  in awhile.

Rehearsals are finally going to be off to a flying start from Tuesday, now that I have the schedule in place.  Once I e-mail the schedule to everyone, they just need to follow the dates and turn up. The process we normally follow is to get everyone’s busy dates, input those into the calendar first, and then create the rehearsal schedule around it. The idea, of course, is to ensure that people’s prior commitments are given importance. And then once the schedule is in place (as it is now) all they have to do is give it the dedication it requires thereafter.

From the looks of things, we will have finished rehearsals before Christmas (assuming everybody – including myself – sticks to the schedule) and then we have some time after the Christmas break to rework scenes, tweak stuff here and there, and basically make last-minute changes.

There will be 10,000 things to attend to in between, so it remains to be seen how diligently we will all follow the schedule. Hey, but a brother’s gotta try, right?

We’re still looking for people who want to work full-time or part-time with Stagefright on marketing work, production work, and backstage.

Sleep is coming, hence I will sign out before I start to type more nonsense than I already have.


Creative Director

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