I’m back! You’re probably fed up of hearing me say that I’ve been having a crazy week, so I won’t say it again (even though that IS the truth and I’m just dying to say it) but let it be known that PART of the reason I’ve been busy has been because of the rehearsals finally taking shape and letting fly!!!

We have started working on the scenes, and last Thursday, we had the most AWESOME dance rehearsal. Our choreographers have come from the cast itself: Aparna Nagesh and Cassius Leon will be choreographing the dances for the show. Aparna will handle the larger groups, while Cassius will be handling the dances involving Johnny and Baby or Johnny and Penny. Both Aparna and Cassius are superbly talented and it’s been a real treat already working with them. You can see some pix here:

Aparna barks orders at the team ,while Fred looks on, wondering exactly WHAT THE HECK is goin' on...

There’s lots of stuff happening this weekend: Evam are having their production of “The 39 Steps” at Sir MV Rao Concert Hall, and while I suspect their ticket sales weren’t what they expected (who knows, I could be wrong) the feedback from their show has been quite good. I’m sure they’ve done a good job, and I hope that the amount of work they’ve put in makes it work for them.

Stray Factory, on the other hand, are trying something completely new and unheard of (to a large extent). They are having their “Blogologues” this weekend, which will basically be monologues of selected blog material. It’s a bold idea by a very talented and hard-working group, and I certainly wish them the best of luck.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to make it for the shows, cos we’re caught up with some personal work over the weekend, as well as attending the Sparky’s Halloween party on Sunday evening. That’s for my son Mark’s benefit as it will be his first Halloween.

Mark's actual name is Bruce....

As Bill Joel said, and so it goes, and so it goes. I shall be back for sure once we’ve moved and settled down and all that – I guess it depends how fast I get my Net connection!!! In case there’s some delay for some weird reason, Happy Halloween to one and all, and a very safe and Happy Diwali from all of us at Stagefright!!


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  1. heyy not able to see the says content not available, probably cos of your privacy settings 😦
    your son Mark is adorable btw! 🙂
    and really, out of curiosity, who IS doing the singing?

  2. Is this WP theme free or premium? nice blog btw! scholarships

    • This is a free theme that I used because it subscribes to my brand colours. Thank you for the compliment!

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