New place, new space, new face…

Yup, I’m baaaaack!!!! As I guessed would happen, my service provider took  AGES to get my internet connection up and running so I’ve been out of action for a full SEVEN days!! Aaaaaahhh! I never realized how dependent I actually am on the Net and all that it provides (it’s like a warm blanket…)

So anyhoo someone mentioned that they couldn’t see the pix of our dance rehearsal that I had uploaded so try this link instead:

Hopefully this will work…

As I mentioned, I was caught up with a thousand things and hence the delay in posting. In the week gone by, we have continued rehearsals and about a third of the play is blocked. We have been reasonably successful at sticking to the schedule that I slapped together, so we should finish blocking all the scenes before we break for Christmas. (Which means we’ll have time for a kickass Christmas party as well…)

Dance rehearsals have started in earnest, both with the group as well as the individual dances (meaning, the ones between Johnny and Baby or Johnny and Penny)

A late addition to the cast is Mathivannan Rajendran, who is going to be playing Johnny Castle as well. This role was one I wanted double cast all along, but there were some logistics to work out – but work them out we did!! So now Mathi has 3 months to put on about 50 kg and in the meantime, start pumping iron every spare moment he has.

So between Johnny, Baby, & Penny, there are at least 3 roles that have been double cast. Which is extremely time-consuming, but you know what? I’m lovin’ it (to quote McDonald’s.)

It’s 1:50 in the am and I’m supposed to get up at 6 am so that doesn’t leave me much time to rest. Shalom and catch you on the other side!


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