The Beatles come alive on the Chennai stage!!


Featuring music of the Beatles

Yes, I realize that it’s been a LOOOONNNNGGG time since I’ve posted, but I was caught up with the intricacies of life. And in between, we had a few shows that happened, starting with World Theatre day way back in March, which we did in collaboration with the Stray Factory monkeys.

And then more recently in July, we performed our first public show at Coimbatore, courtesy of Stray Factory again. They produced the show, which was on July 9 and 10, and while they performed “Hitchcock” on the 9th, we staged “Love is Strange” on the 10th to a small but very appreciative audience. Besides directing the evening, I was joined onstage by Mathivanan Rajendran and Amrita Samant (Saaaamant…) who is now in Bangalore, creating chaos there.

We then took part in the Short & Sweet Festival, an international competition of 10-minute plays. I had a superb entry, thanks to Vivek Hariharan, Naren Weiss, and Venky Harinathan, but in the end, it was Samyuktha PC and Rajiv Rajaram’s respective plays that the judges and the crowd seemed to enjoy. In the process, Naren Weiss and Mathi got a lot of acclaim as they were involved in the plays that did well.

Stagefright is also in collaboration with Showstoppers Inc. (which is run by my good friend whom I exploit shamelessly, Aparna Nagesh) and has launched Chennai first – and probably only – Glee Club. the idea is to create a performance group that can do shows and brings together dance, singing and acting in a single performance. And when I say “in a single performance” I don’t mean that there a re multiple performers each doing one thing onstage. I mean, c’mon, that’s so passe! We’re looking at performers who can do all THREE!! Work has started, and we’ll be recruiting some more people imminently.

And finally, with much excitement, joy, love and warm fuzzy feelings do I announce our next musical. Auditions for ACROSS THE UNIVERSE will be happening soon,as per the poster below, so stay tuned!!! I’m BAAAACCCCKKKK!!!


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  1. Awesssomeness freddy!! 😦 sigh i wish i were there!!

  2. Hi greedy I am one of the students who attended u r theatre workshop with help in wcc with u and aparna nagesh…I would like to join in beatless can I. I am interested. In Acting and dancing. And am 18+.

    • Hi Gokulnath! I regret to inform you that this post is a very old one!! I posted this in 2011, but we are actually working towards this again! Kindly write to me at or find us on Facebook at Stagefright Productions and you can stay in current news!!

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