Introducing HORN OK PLEASE!!!!!

We’re back with another new idea – well, the idea isn’t exactly new, but the concept certainly is in Chennai!

We at Stagefright are collaborating with our good friends at Stray Factory to present Chennai’s first IMPROV team!! The show and team are called HORN OK PLEASE, and features some of Chennai’s funny people, with many more set to join.

The team currently comprises Venky Harinathan, Rajiv Rajaram, Aparna Nagesh, Kiran Thomas, Roshan Mathew, and Paul Philip, and is being coordinated by Mathivanan Rajendran of Stray Factory and yours truly.

We’re also inviting college students who are practitioners of Whose LISA (Just who IS Lisa, anyway..?) to be part of our show. The idea is to create a performance group that will do shows on a regular basis and not just at an auditorium alone.

So stay tuned for more from us. Between our newly launched GLEE CLUB, Across the Universe, and now, HORN OK PLEASE, there’s tons of action happening at Stagefright!


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