Introducing HORN OK PLEASE!!!!!

We’re back with another new idea – well, the idea isn’t exactly new, but the concept certainly is in Chennai!

We at Stagefright are collaborating with our good friends at Stray Factory to present Chennai’s first IMPROV team!! The show and team are called HORN OK PLEASE, and features some of Chennai’s funny people, with many more set to join.

The team currently comprises Venky Harinathan, Rajiv Rajaram, Aparna Nagesh, Kiran Thomas, Roshan Mathew, and Paul Philip, and is being coordinated by Mathivanan Rajendran of Stray Factory and yours truly.

We’re also inviting college students who are practitioners of Whose LISA (Just who IS Lisa, anyway..?) to be part of our show. The idea is to create a performance group that will do shows on a regular basis and not just at an auditorium alone.

So stay tuned for more from us. Between our newly launched GLEE CLUB, Across the Universe, and now, HORN OK PLEASE, there’s tons of action happening at Stagefright!


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The Beatles come alive on the Chennai stage!!


Featuring music of the Beatles

Yes, I realize that it’s been a LOOOONNNNGGG time since I’ve posted, but I was caught up with the intricacies of life. And in between, we had a few shows that happened, starting with World Theatre day way back in March, which we did in collaboration with the Stray Factory monkeys.

And then more recently in July, we performed our first public show at Coimbatore, courtesy of Stray Factory again. They produced the show, which was on July 9 and 10, and while they performed “Hitchcock” on the 9th, we staged “Love is Strange” on the 10th to a small but very appreciative audience. Besides directing the evening, I was joined onstage by Mathivanan Rajendran and Amrita Samant (Saaaamant…) who is now in Bangalore, creating chaos there.

We then took part in the Short & Sweet Festival, an international competition of 10-minute plays. I had a superb entry, thanks to Vivek Hariharan, Naren Weiss, and Venky Harinathan, but in the end, it was Samyuktha PC and Rajiv Rajaram’s respective plays that the judges and the crowd seemed to enjoy. In the process, Naren Weiss and Mathi got a lot of acclaim as they were involved in the plays that did well.

Stagefright is also in collaboration with Showstoppers Inc. (which is run by my good friend whom I exploit shamelessly, Aparna Nagesh) and has launched Chennai first – and probably only – Glee Club. the idea is to create a performance group that can do shows and brings together dance, singing and acting in a single performance. And when I say “in a single performance” I don’t mean that there a re multiple performers each doing one thing onstage. I mean, c’mon, that’s so passe! We’re looking at performers who can do all THREE!! Work has started, and we’ll be recruiting some more people imminently.

And finally, with much excitement, joy, love and warm fuzzy feelings do I announce our next musical. Auditions for ACROSS THE UNIVERSE will be happening soon,as per the poster below, so stay tuned!!! I’m BAAAACCCCKKKK!!!


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MasterClass in musical theatre by New York-based Shaun Parry

Okay, so here’s the latest from the Stagefright stable! Shaun Parry is a New York-based dancer, actor, and singer who has agreed to conduct a 2-hour MasterClass  in musical theatre on Saturday, March 12 between 3 and 6 pm. You can read more here:

If you think you’d be interested, you’ll need to log onto this site and register:

The fee for the MasterClass is Rs. 1000 for the two hours, and is payable in cash only at the venue on the day of the workshop.

Try and make it for what is going to be an awesome session!!

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Okay, so I’ve been a LITTLE busy….

So you see what happens when you DON’T spam me with messages and remind me that it’s been awhile since I posted?? I completely forget to update the blog and then all hell breaks loose because people aren’t in the loop, etc. etc.

Anyhoo, I’m back, after a long while, on THIS blog, but that’s mainly becuase I’ve been busy updating the OTHER blog, namely, because the show is literally around the corner for us now and rehearsals are moving fast and furiously. We have started doing full run-throughs – believe it or not, we started 2 weeks ago – so that’s giving us the time we need to shape things up.

The team has been up to lots of stuff, so you may want to check that out on the Dirty Dance blog.

Personally, I’m just looking forward to February 11, when we move into the Museum Theatre and have our tech. It’s gonna be a rockin’ show!!!!

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‘Appy New Year!!!

So hopefully I haven’t completely lost out on the few readers who were following this blog over the last little while. (Honk if you love Jesus!!) In between shifting house, shifting office, running rehearsals every evening, celebrating Christmas and New Year’s, and then my regular work as well, I just haven’t been able to sit down in one place long enough to type more than two lines – which already makes this post the longest I’ve typed in more than 2 months.

As part of promoting my new production, I’ve started a separate blog – – and I’m going to be using that for the next month to keep people updated on DD status. It will also serve as the link for our online sales.

I hope you’ve all been following our Facebook community page; there are links to videos on Youtube and we have lots of pictures posted there as well.

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Promote Your Page Too

We’re working on some promo ideas as well for the upcoming month so make sure you’re at the hip and happening spots around town to catch the buzz! And certainly, we hope to see you at the shows on Feb 12 & 13!

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New place, new space, new face…

Yup, I’m baaaaack!!!! As I guessed would happen, my service provider took  AGES to get my internet connection up and running so I’ve been out of action for a full SEVEN days!! Aaaaaahhh! I never realized how dependent I actually am on the Net and all that it provides (it’s like a warm blanket…)

So anyhoo someone mentioned that they couldn’t see the pix of our dance rehearsal that I had uploaded so try this link instead:

Hopefully this will work…

As I mentioned, I was caught up with a thousand things and hence the delay in posting. In the week gone by, we have continued rehearsals and about a third of the play is blocked. We have been reasonably successful at sticking to the schedule that I slapped together, so we should finish blocking all the scenes before we break for Christmas. (Which means we’ll have time for a kickass Christmas party as well…)

Dance rehearsals have started in earnest, both with the group as well as the individual dances (meaning, the ones between Johnny and Baby or Johnny and Penny)

A late addition to the cast is Mathivannan Rajendran, who is going to be playing Johnny Castle as well. This role was one I wanted double cast all along, but there were some logistics to work out – but work them out we did!! So now Mathi has 3 months to put on about 50 kg and in the meantime, start pumping iron every spare moment he has.

So between Johnny, Baby, & Penny, there are at least 3 roles that have been double cast. Which is extremely time-consuming, but you know what? I’m lovin’ it (to quote McDonald’s.)

It’s 1:50 in the am and I’m supposed to get up at 6 am so that doesn’t leave me much time to rest. Shalom and catch you on the other side!


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I’m back! You’re probably fed up of hearing me say that I’ve been having a crazy week, so I won’t say it again (even though that IS the truth and I’m just dying to say it) but let it be known that PART of the reason I’ve been busy has been because of the rehearsals finally taking shape and letting fly!!!

We have started working on the scenes, and last Thursday, we had the most AWESOME dance rehearsal. Our choreographers have come from the cast itself: Aparna Nagesh and Cassius Leon will be choreographing the dances for the show. Aparna will handle the larger groups, while Cassius will be handling the dances involving Johnny and Baby or Johnny and Penny. Both Aparna and Cassius are superbly talented and it’s been a real treat already working with them. You can see some pix here:

Aparna barks orders at the team ,while Fred looks on, wondering exactly WHAT THE HECK is goin' on...

There’s lots of stuff happening this weekend: Evam are having their production of “The 39 Steps” at Sir MV Rao Concert Hall, and while I suspect their ticket sales weren’t what they expected (who knows, I could be wrong) the feedback from their show has been quite good. I’m sure they’ve done a good job, and I hope that the amount of work they’ve put in makes it work for them.

Stray Factory, on the other hand, are trying something completely new and unheard of (to a large extent). They are having their “Blogologues” this weekend, which will basically be monologues of selected blog material. It’s a bold idea by a very talented and hard-working group, and I certainly wish them the best of luck.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to make it for the shows, cos we’re caught up with some personal work over the weekend, as well as attending the Sparky’s Halloween party on Sunday evening. That’s for my son Mark’s benefit as it will be his first Halloween.

Mark's actual name is Bruce....

As Bill Joel said, and so it goes, and so it goes. I shall be back for sure once we’ve moved and settled down and all that – I guess it depends how fast I get my Net connection!!! In case there’s some delay for some weird reason, Happy Halloween to one and all, and a very safe and Happy Diwali from all of us at Stagefright!!


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