Talk to us!!!

How can Stagefright be contacted?

You can call:

–       Freddy at +91.98404.87198

–       Neesha at +91.98409.07755

–       the Stagefright office at +91.44.4351. 1727

Or else, you can e-mail  Stagefright Productions at

We also have a Facebook community at, so join us there and be in the know!!



  1. can one be a part of stage fright or is it more of a closed group?….if yes then how?

    • Hey Kunal,

      Well, whenever we have a show, we hold auditions for it, so you can always drop in and be part of our next show that way!

  2. Hi,
    Sent you an email to the gmail id given on 24th Feb. got no reply as yet.


    • Dear Priya,

      My sincere apologies for the lack of response. There was a crisis that occurred and we were tied up with that over the last few months. In fact, there was no activity for quite some time, but we are looking at reviving activities. I shall respond to your e-mail at the earliest.



  3. Hi,
    I am interested in theater and want to be a part of the theater group.

  4. sir,
    does stage fright belongs to the close knitted group of professionals, or does it accept freshers in theatre.

    • Dear Vasu,

      We accept freshers provided that you meet certain basic criteria, and we are open to providing training to those candidates.



  5. hi
    let me know if u need any professional filming of your plays. thnx

    • Hi Srinivas,

      Do you have a showreel of your work so that I can see what you have done?



  6. hi well……. i want to know that recently your production preforms in Express avenue…… if so please replay

  7. hi when is your next play and at which date are you guys posting an audition ……??

  8. Hello,
    I am Amrutha Seshadri . I am an engineering student in third year . I have always been interested in theatre and acting as I see them as a very creative , challenging yet fun subject to be part of . I have no experience in theatre , except for few school plays i have enacted if they are counted .i dont have much exposure in the theatre world,but i am keen & willing to learn .I have not other experience. But I want to be involved more in theatre . I would like to be part of a play right from the very beginning till the end . In that way I would be learning a lot through the process that is involved to bring up a play . Nevermind if I get to act in it , but I would like to contribute , however small it may be .

    • Hi Amrutha, Thanks for your email. If you can send me some details about yourself at then I can get an idea about your interest. There are a few opportunities coming up soon so I can keep you in the loop about that.


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